Extravirgin olive oil Spontaneo

Spontaneo extravirgin olive oil

It is an oil without any mechanical handling or filtration: a real olive juice featuring a distinctive lightness, mildness, flavor and genuinity. In fact, it is obtained by simply squeezing the fresh olives directly picked from the tree. By using old traditional techniques, this nectar is obtained directly from the freshly ground olives paste in stainless steel vessels, from which it is collected after its natural settling.

anforetta 400

Low in yield and of limited production, this olive oil selection is highly appreciated also for its high nutritional content, and for its taste, due to its lower acid grade. Production techniques: surfacing.

Production area:

olive trees of Terra d'Otranto


Cellina di Nardò - Ogliarola Salentina

Olives picking:

the olives are picked directly from the plant


within 6 - 12 hours from picking, so as to preserve the aroma of fresh olives


light flavor, well balanced with intense and persistent fragrance


yellow with green hints


pasta, rice, salads, white meats and seafoods.


Data related to a tablespoon (14 ml)
Energy values: 120 kcal
Protein: 0
Carbohydrates: 0
- Acids < 0.5
- Saturated 2
- Mono unsaturated 10
- Poly unsaturated 2

Glass bottle from lt 0,25 ----- 12 pieces/box
Glass bottle from lt 0,50 ----- 12 pieces/box
Terracotta Amphorae from 0,25 ml e 0,50 ml ----3/4 pieces/box