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The agricultural activity of the Cazzetta company is based on the management of 300 hectares of olive groves owned by the family which are conducted through the most innovative olive cultivation and harvesting techniques. The company boasts a multi-level organizational configuration, each with a high degree of specialization and which allows to oversee the entire production chain:

The Cazzetta Farm: focused on the direct management of the olive groves owned, respecting the traditions and the environment. A considerable latifundium of earth with extraordinary innovative characteristics, ideal for the development of the Ogliarola salentina and Cellina di Nardò cultivars from which an extra virgin olive oil rich in natural antioxidants is born.

Il Frantoio Cazzetta: specialized in the transformation of own and third party olives. With painstaking patience the olives are checked following all stages of the production chain. The processing takes place in the 6/12 hours following the collection from state-of-the-art plants and all phases, from pressing to centrifugation, follow one another uninterruptedly, in a healthy and controlled temperature environment.

The Terra d’Otranto s.r.l. : company specialized in the bottling and marketing of extra virgin olive oil. Particular attention is paid to the containers and the way of storing the oil so that it does not alter but, on the contrary, maintains its aroma and organoleptic qualities over time. The packaging is carried out in small batches in dark glass bottles in order to guarantee the consumer an artisan care of the product and an ideal conservation.

The Company intervenes so in all stages of production and processing of olives, guaranteeing traceability of a product MADE IN ITALY.


Raffaele Cazzetta

Commercial manager

Roberto Cazzetta

Production Manager

Certifications and Awards

Tel. /Fax +39 0836 354473
Via Vicinale San Nicola, Palmariggi

Lecce - ITALIA
Opening time 8:30-13:00


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