Puglia, land of the sea and olive trees

"The soul of a territory that tells of traditions, cultures, peoples that have alternated over the centuries, takes shape in the olive tree of Salento di Puglia. Dance to life that joins the earth: this is rooted the history of its people "


Menhir, Dolmen and Specchie, megalithic monumental buildings scattered throughout the territory, represent incredible testimonies of prehistoric civilizations.
Dry stone walls, made of a very hard stone, surround the properties connoting the whole area defined a landscape "of the stone".
Numerous farms, underground oil mills, museums of peasant civilization, which tell the history and traditions of the rural world.
Amazement and disbelief in front of baroque facades, frescoes and rose windows, so beautiful as to create an intimate connection between earth and sky, between the human vibrating chisel in the artist's hand and the divine inspiration.


Salento is the easternmost region of Italy, it is a frontier land.
It is the oldest of the Apulian lands. Each clod of his land exudes ancestral traces of his civilization, which speaks of Messapi, Byzantines, Normans, Saracens and Spaniards. It was once called Terra d'Otranto.
The history, the people, the luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, the naturalistic-cultural itineraries and the suggestive landscapes leave enchanted, irresistibly fascinated, because they are capable of making a passage in Salento indelible from the heart.

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